Cybersite Services

Internet Support Services

Cybersite Services offers support to companies that would like to maintain their own website, but require start-up  or outside services to supplement their in-house expertise. Cybersite Services offers training, server set-up, website design,  and additional support services on an as needed basis.

The ability to update information regularly is extremely important in today's web environment. For that reason many companies have chosen set up their website in-house. WYSIWYG content management systems allow a website to be updated using word processing skills. The same person who updates the company news letter, or writes advertising copy can also update a website.

In most cases it will make more sense to host a website at a web hosting company than to try and serve up your website in-house. Remote access provides easy maintenance and the ability to update your content regularly. Advantages of using a hosting company also include low lease costs, access to high-speed bandwidth, on site support staff, redundant power source, and isolation from the company's main computers case of attack.

At Cybersite  Services we offer:

  • Web server setup and training for IIS and Apache

  • Installation and configuration of PHP,ASP and MySQL

  • Training and setup for Joomala and Wordpress

  • Website design and Template modification

  • Windows or Linux Server setup

  • Forum installation, customization, and active moderation

  • Logo and graphic design services

Contact us at 919-647-4761 or email us at [email protected] and see what we can do for you